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Fuck Sympathy is born out of frustrations I have about society. I feel like as a .        person with a disability, people always want to reduce my being to my disability. Like everything revolves around me being disabled. I hate that. It comes from.       a  false sense of sympathy that people want to have for people with disabilities or any other marginalized group of people for that matter. It's really like do they           actually fuck with us because you like what we're doing? or do they just want to support us out of a selfish notion of sympathy so they can give themselves  a         pat on the back or something? There is a major difference between empathy and sympathy, so I don't want people to get that shit twisted either.  Empathy is a      good thing; we need more of it in the world. But folks can keep all that fake sympathy . Nobody wants or needs it, at least I don't, and I can only really speak for myself on these topics, and I don't intend to be the voice for any movement or group of people. This is my shit, hate it or love it. If you're down with it, then so be it. If you're not, then so be it. 

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