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Films about disabled love, love and disability. All kinds of love. Love for life, love for love. It's about disability on the surface, but really these are stories that aim to go beyond disability and push towards universal human emotion. Poetic filmmaking and musing on the idea of love and disability, or rather a person who loves who happens to be a person with a disability. These films are an attempt to touch at something real beyond disability, to show the nuance of life, regardless of one's ability. At times, I don't even want to talk about disability, because I feel like it's the only lens that people ever really view my work through. Sometimes I just want my work to be my work and to not be labeled as "disabled" or "disability." I realize I can never divorce myself from disability, nor do I want to. However, it can be exhausting to speak about my work through the lens of disability as a person with a disability. I just want my work to live on its own, outside of disability. Can it just be about love? Or does it always have to be about love and disability?

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